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Meet the future of modern street lighting! The EV Charging Smart Pole is an innovative, all-in-one street light. It incorporates a charger for electric vehicles, video surveillance camera, Wi-Fi, parking payment solution and intelligent LED street lighting. These elements are combined to fit into any modern light pole, creating the world’s smartest and most convenient street lighting solution.

The perfect solution for cramped and environmentally friendly city centers. Available as both a complete street light and as a separate installable unit for existing street lighting poles.


No more fear of being stranded without power. Electric car owners can now charge their electric vehicle at anytime, in every street. Installation within existing street lamps is simple and the smart interface makes it extremely easy to use. Just plug in and charge.

Operators are also able to offer Wi-Fi access, safety monitoring through HD camera’s, remote lighting management, and payment support.

The smart charge and streetlight solutions by LightMotion are a perfect fit for Smart Cities:

  • >  Excellent business case: low investment and operational costs, incomparable to ‘normal’ public charge points, 2 in 1 installation – both streetlight and charge point.
  • >  Grip on the behavior of charge point users through the data cloud. Signaling you when an additional point can be placed. No more need for tedious approval processes.
  • >  Additional ways to motivate charging cars to leave after two hours at popular spots by creating time-frames with various prices in dashboard.
  • >  Automatic insights and reports on the impact of EV driving and charging in your city, plus the possibility to run behavioral studies on the big data.
  • >  Reliable network. Your charge points will join an existing network of 16,000 connected chargers. The back office keeps track of the ‘heartbeat’ of every charger and signals potential issues. Preventative asset management is possible through algorithmic analysis.
  • >  The streetlight indicates whether the charge point is available, which saves cars driving for miles to find an available charger.
  • >  Possibility to offer specific groups of drivers (like citizens of districts) specific privileges through one card.
  • >  Future proof: subscriptions come with regular software updates, offering your charge point users more and more functionalities they’d appreciate.
  • >  Retrofitting: the charger is also a plug-in option for existing light poles. Already in-place chargers can be added so the entire charge network can be monitored via one system.
  • >  No need to fear energy-shortages or broken fuses: the 22 kW chargers are kitted with load- balancing, allowing the charger to adjust over the phases to the power requested by the specific car-type.

Lightwell presents: LightMotion in Copenhagen. The LightMotion concept was installed at the DOLL Visitors Center in Copenhagen. It was a showcase during the Greater Copenhagen Smart Solutions Conference 6-9 June in Copenhagen. The LightMotion is a combination of the most innovative technology to date and combines an EV-charging capability as well as LoRa Smart Lighting, all incorporated into a beautiful design ‘The SpringEye‘, by Amsterdam designer Paco Bunnik.


L I G H T M O T I O N    L A U N C H


  P R O M O

H O W   T O   U S E

LightMotion Manual

S M A R T   C I T I E S  

U N I Q U E   S E L L I N G

The smart charge and streetlight solutions by LightMotion are a perfect fit for Smart Cities:

    • >  All-in-one; intelligent street light solution.
      (EV Charger, Wi-Fi, Surveillance camera, parking payment solution, intelligent, energy saving street lighting)
    • >  Established network of 16.000 chargers in Europe
    • >  Seamless integration of EV charging and street lighting in any urban area
    • >  Easy installation in existing street lamps
    • >  Low investment and operational costs
    • >  Excellent 24/7 back office support
    • >  Data reports for insight into energy usage, EV driving patterns and behavioral studies
    • >  Real time performance monitoring and management
    • >  Possibility to offer specific privileges to pass holders
    • >  Future proof investment with regular software updates and innovation
    • >  Cradle to cradle; with minimal energy loss and maximum energy efficiencyAvailable administrative modules
      • >  Comprehensive dashboard with statistics of usage and recommendations
      • >  Charge and light points management with remote actions
      • >  User management
      • >  Settings – pricing, notifications and platform preferences
      • >  Analytics and reports – heat maps and insights, revenue, environmental impact

      Service package

      monthly subscription

      • >  Interoperability
      • >  Settlement / billing (incl. flexiblepricing module)

      Access Management (incl. limiting of access)

      > Asset Management
      > Dashboard/ Insight
      > Advertisement in app
      > Maintenance and Support tool

L o R a   S Y S T E M

A   P E R F E C T   F I T
F O R   S M A R T   C I T I E S


How can EV-charging be made more comfortable and better available to its users? Through Services: the chance of combining these features; all-in-one street light, that incorporates a charger for electric vehicles, video surveillance camera, Wi-Fi, parking payment solution and intelligent LED street lighting. These elements are combined to fit into any modern street lamppost. Creating the world’s smartest and most convenient street lighting solution.

An all-in-one solution will prevent city centers from becoming cluttered. Street lighting poles are all around us and widely available. Combining a smart charging unit with those poles while adding smart city features will prevent EV-drivers from being stranded without power. LightMotion will offer three service modules for a perfect fit for everyone. and A user can choose from Features: A LightMotion Basic, LightMotion OneLightMotion two & LightMotion Deluxe.

LightMotion together with Nedal aluminium and their innovative double isolated pole

For operators there is an exclusive lighting service module, which contains multiple features such as:
• HD monitoring through camera’s
• Telemanagement
• Dimming profiles
• Wi-Fi access

The EV-drivers are authorized by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) through using their member card or, in the future, debit card. Once the user is connected to the charge pole, they can perform load management. This way the maximum available current of the grid is loaded.

What we offer:
* An interoperable network – the infrastructure connected to the back office is part of the continental charge network so all MSPs can use it
* Settlement and billing – flexible pricing model on time and kWh, flexible timing possible
* Access management – charge point owners can decide who has access and who doesn’t (select groups of drivers to have access), access with card and smartphone (spontaneous charging)
* Asset management – remotely managing network – incl. load management, configuring settings, remote start/stop/reset etc. Real-time monitoring and alarms (get notifications when issue occurs). Fault diagnosis: remotely understanding what goes wrong, get corrective actions done, send people to site only if needed
* Role management – ordering of the connected charging infra, so that some users can only access a limited part of the infrastructure. Differ administrative rights (e.g. only information about infrastructure; information and remote management features)
* Maintenance and support – incl. contract management and ticketing system
* Dashboard/insight – into uptime/ type and amount of issues/ use / kWh charged, etc.
  • LightMotion Basic

    * Single set: Pole with dual socket 22kW EV charger
    * Smart Lighting

  • LightMotion One

    * Single set: Pole with dual socket 22kW EV charger
    * Payment system
    * City Wi-Fi
    * Smart Lighting

  • LightMotion Two

    * Cluster: 4 x Pole with dual socket 22kW EV charger
    * Payment system
    * Heavy duty box
    * Cabling – (minimum 
    4 sets)

  • LightMotion Deluxe

    * All charging options
    * Smart Lighting
    * Lightwell Security Lighting System



LightMotion is a joint development by two experienced partners – The New Motion and Lightwell. The New Motion is European market leader in charge point hardware and services. Lightwell’s expertise lays in innovative lighting solutions. LightMotion offers an integrated solution that addresses many of the problems that modern cities are struggling with, like parking pressure, cluttered pavements and air quality.


For years, Lightwell has been specialist in developing sustainable lighting. Since 2008, the company solely focuses on LED lighting. Lightwell is a creative and innovative company, targeting both Public Lighting and Retail Lighting segments. The team in the office in Amsterdam is responsible for development, design, marketing and sales. A true pioneer in applying the most innovative technologies, as can be seen in the application of DC smart grids and the Fitto retail concept.

The Amsterdam Entrepreneur Award has been won by Henk Janssen with his company Lightwell. 26 november of 2015 was the eighth time that this prize was awarded during the Dutch Entrepreneurial Week in the Amsterdam Rai. The yearly prize is awarded to the engaged entrepreneur that excels at using creativity and and innovation in achieving business goals that fit within this years theme of “Future Proof Entrepreneurship”.

The lighting company stood out because of the way they design and produce LED lighting. Appealing design combined with use of innovations like “smart-lighting” provided the icing on the cake. Lightwell cooperates a lot with universities and well known designers and is on the cusp of launching its new product “Lightmotion”. This product combines several really interesting things: It can charge your electric vehicle, provides WIFI, has a surveillance camera and you can use it to pay your parking bill as well!

In 2009 The New Motion started operating in the Netherlands and quickly became market leader in both hardware and software solutions. Our mission is to eradicate fossil fuels by stimulating electric cars and its infrastructure. Today – on an average evening – around 9,000 cars are charging at the same time in our network. Our charge-pass can be used across the continent and automatically takes care of the payment for every charge session.

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