The EV Charging all-in-one Smart Street Light

Meet the Future of Modern Street Lighting!

A innovative charger for electric vehicles with intelligent LED street lighting
Fit into any modern light pole
The perfect solution for cramped and environmentally friendly city centers
Available as a complete street light
Install-able unit for existing street lighting poles
No more fear of being stranded without power!
Electric car owners can now charge their electric vehicle at anytime in every street

LightMotion & SpringEye at the Smart Solutions Conference in Copenhagen 2016


LightMotion-Logo-V.2“LightMotion answers the difficult question of modern cities: how to roll-out large scale EV-driving initiatives while at the same time protecting your inner city urban design? The only way to make the city both smart, beautiful and humble to it users with a full-scale system integration. LightMotion is the ultimate smart city hub, that combines EV-charging together with sensors, camera surveillance and other features like smart screens.”

Virgil Warnars
Chief Sales Officer | Lightwell B.V. | Amsterdam
Installation within existing street lamps is simple
The smart interface makes it extremely easy to use. Just plug in and charge!
Operators are also able to offer Wi-Fi access
Safety monitoring through HD camera’s, remote lighting management and payment support.
Smart Lighting Systems
Integrate Smart Lighting Systems in many Lightwell street poles


The ultimate smart city hub

About LightMotion

LightMotion is a joint development by two experienced partners – New Motion and Lightwell. New Motion is European market leader in charge point hardware and services. Lightwell’s expertise lays in innovative lighting solutions. LightMotion offers an integrated solution that addresses many of the problems that modern cities are struggling with, like parking pressure, cluttered pavements and air quality.



For years, Lightwell has been specialist in developing sustainable lighting. Since 2008, the company solely focuses on LED lighting. Lightwell is a creative and innovative company, targeting both Outdoor Lighting and Indoor Lighting segments. The team in the office in Amsterdam is responsible for development, design, marketing and sales. A true pioneer in applying the most innovative technologies.

New Motion

In 2009 New Motion started operating in the Netherlands and quickly became market leader in both hardware and software solutions. Their mission is to eradicate fossil fuels by stimulating electric cars and its infrastructure. Today – on an average evening – around 30.000 cars are charging at the same time in their network. Their charge-pass can be used across the continent and automatically takes care of the payment for every charge session.

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