Spring Eye LED | A timeless and organic design

Inspired by spring and natural shapes

An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot, camera and dynamic detection are potential options

The Spring Eye LED, designed by Paco Bunnik, is a timeless and organic design. It was inspired by spring and natural shapes. The spherical outline on the lantern mast is derived from the geometry of the human eye. Spring Eye comes in three configurations: with 1, 2 or 3 spheres at different heights.

Blossom Bud

Designed to resemble blossom buds

The SpringEye consists of a lamppost of 6, 8 or 10 meters high, with one, two or three spherical light elements at the top, designed to resemble blossom buds. The shape of these light elements has in fact been derived from the geometric shape of the human eye. Equipped with a single light the fixture creates an asymmetrical light, twin lights will illuminate a full square. The triple lighted version delivers the same pattern with added intensity.

Amsterdam architect Paco Bunnik

The special feature in the design is the double curve

“The design is dynamic not only because of the possible clustering on different heights, but in particular because of the aesthetic and functional details. The plastic is finely curved and connects to the classic round spherical shape. The plastic is transparent as well as translucent. Using this combination, the SpringEye radiates a warm diffused and functionally direct light display, ideal in an urban setting. I am very happy with the result”.

Paco Bunnik
Architect | Amsterdam

Resistant to all weather conditions

The SpringEye is manufactured from aluminum with a powder-coated finish, making the lamp resistant to all weather conditions. The diffuser is partially frosted and made of UV-resistant polycarbonate. The special LED optics has been produced from silicon.


Lightwell Smart Lighting Luminaire

The Luxis luminaire is all about urban comfort because of the special optics design. The modern design and optimal cooling make it a perfect choice under all circumstances. It starts at 18W and can go because of an optimal cooling design up to 150W. Of course the Luxis is designed to fit Smart Lighting technology and is designed in such a way that hardware adjustments can easily be fitted into the luminaire after installation. That also optimizes SPD replacements.

Lightwell is LoRa connected

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