Established network of 30.000 chargers in Europe

Enabling Large Scale Inner City Charging

Via the OCCP-communication-protocol the system can be linked to several software platforms.
Official metering-equipment guarantees constant power requirements.
Dual Socket
Based on big-data analysis a high percentage of inner-city lampposts are positioned on optimal dual-socket parking locations.
The Lightmotion EV-model is certified by Dutch grid operators known for their high standards on rules and regulations.
Smart Grids
With the growth of renewables the need for smart-grids is on the rise.
New Motion
Lightmotion works together with longtime partners in specialized software
All-in-one; intelligent street light solution

Unique Selling Points

EV Charger, Wi-Fi, Surveillance camera, parking payment solution, intelligent & energy saving street lighting.

> Established network of 30.000 chargers in Europe

> Seamless integration of EV charging and street lighting in any urban area

> Easy installation in existing street lamps

> Low investment and operational costs

> Excellent 24/7 back office support

> Data reports for insight into energy usage, EV driving patterns and behavioral studies

> Real time performance monitoring and management

> Possibility to offer specific privileges to pass holders

> Future proof investment with regular software updates and innovation

> Cradle to cradle; with minimal energy loss and maximum energy efficiency

What we offer

> An interoperable network
– the infrastructure connected to the back office is part of the continental charge network so all MSPs can use it
> Settlement and billing
– flexible pricing model on time and kWh, flexible timing possible
> Access management
– charge point owners can decide who has access and who doesn’t
(select groups of drivers to have access), access with card and smartphone (spontaneous charging)
> Asset management
– remotely managing network
– incl. load management, configuring settings, remote start/stop/reset etc. Real-time monitoring and alarms (get notifications when issue occurs). Fault diagnosis: remotely understanding what goes wrong, get corrective actions done, send people to site only if needed
> Role management
– ordering of the connected charging infra, so that some users can only access a limited part of the infrastructure. Differ administrative rights (e.g. only information about infrastructure; information and remote management features)
> Maintenance and support
– incl. contract management and ticketing system
> Dashboard/insight
– into uptime/ type and amount of issues/ use / kWh charged, etc.
> Main CP providers integrated
– now connected: Schneider, Alfen, EVTEC, Efacec, Circontrol, ABB, Siemens. In progress: Lafon, EVbox, Tritium, KEBA, Veniox

Monthly Subscription

Service package

> Interoperability
> Settlement / billing (incl. flexible pricing module)
> Access Management (incl. limiting of access)
> Dashboard/ Insight
> Advertisement in app
> Maintenance and Support tool

* The services include at least 4 times per year remote functional updates

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