Seamless integration of EV Charging

and street lighting in any urban area!

Electric car owners can now charge their
electric vehicle at anytime in every street

The smart charge and streetlight solution by LightMotion

With video surveillance camera, Wi-Fi and parking payment solution
Automatic insights and reports
The possibility to run behavioral studies on the big data
No tedious approval processes
Grip on the behavior of charge point users through the data cloud. Signaling you when an additional point can be placed
Reliable network
Your charge points will join an existing network of 30.000 connected chargers

No more fear of being

stranded without power

The perfect solution for cramped and environmentally friendly city centers. Available as both a complete street light and as a separate install able unit for existing street lighting poles.
Unique Selling Points
The Hague City 2017

Why LightMotion

In this picture; A beautiful city neighborhood with it’s struggle to implement an EV-policy, while keeping the inner city design the way it was intended.

Unique Selling Points
EV Charging Mode | (Charging station for electric vehicles)
Motion Sensors | Adaptive Lighting | (Light that moves with the user)
Smart Screen | (Announcements / Advertisement / Amber Alerts and alarm function)
WiFi & RF Connectivity | (Connected to the Internet for remote control.)
CO2 Censor | (Air pollution at street level)
Weather Sensor | (Upscaling light by unexpected darkness)
CCTV | IP-Camera | (Security cameras for added security)
Lightwell LED Luminaire

The smart interface makes it extremely easy to use

Just plug in and charge!

Preview of the manager dashboard module


> Comprehensive dashboard with statistics of usage and recommendations 
> Charge and light points management with remote actions
> User management
> Settings - pricing, notifications and platform preferences
> Analytics and reports - heat maps and insights, revenue, environmental impact


LightMotion is the ultimate smart city hub, that combines EV-charging together with sensors, camera surveillance and other features like smart screens.

Inspired by spring and natural shapes

An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot, camera and dynamic detection are potential options

The Spring Eye LED, designed by Paco Bunnik, is a timeless and organic design. It was inspired by spring and natural shapes. The spherical outline on the lantern mast is derived from the geometry of the human eye. Spring Eye comes in three configurations: with 1, 2 or 3 spheres at different heights.

The SpringEye..
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