Rotterdam and Lightwell showcase together on InfraTech Fair

By 16 januari 2017 NEWS

Amsterdam, 16 januari 2017 – The City of Rotterdam and Lightwell will join forces during the InfraTech Fair in Rotterdam. The so called “Lab op Straat” innovative living lab will be showcased, which is a way for Rotterdam to test out systems like Smart Lighting and other Smart City developments. Rotterdam is very ambitious when it comes to making the City future proof and therefore Lightwell and Rotterdam are prefect partners because both have innovation and City Design in their DNA.

InfraTech, LightMotion, Lightwell B.V. Amsterdam

That why Lightwell is a partner in bringing Smart City System Integration closer to reality, which will be shown at the InfraTech Fair. Both LightMotion but also the beautiful Friso Kramer LED as well as City Wifi and Safety Camera systems will be part of the set-up at the Fair in Ahoy Rotterdam. So come and visit us and be amazed by what working together and creating partnerships for innovation can create.

Luxis Small Thumpnale V.2, Lightwell B.V. Amsterdam